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Stone and tiled floor cleaning
We are an established family business providing cleaning and renovation services for all interior floor tiles, from natural stone such as Travertine, Slate, Sandstone, Marble, Yorkstone and Limestone to man-made tiles such as Ceramic, Terrazzo, Porcelain also hard vinyl floor tiles like Amtico and Karndean. Because we are an independent family business and not part of a franchise we are not limited on the products and methods we can use, this means we can use the very best products available. We use a variety of different cleaning techniques and professional specialist cleaning products depending upon the type of stone or tiled floor we are cleaning, we only use premium quality professional products that have been tested over a number of years and are designed to clean more effectively without being to aggressive to the stone, we can also apply our top quality sealing products which protect your floors for longer and help you maintain your floors more easily. Most of our cleaning and protection products are safer water-based solutions which are low odour and more environmentally responsible, We can also use traditional products and methods for the more traditional floors when required. 
From light cleaning to intensive deep cleaning and renovation of all stone and floor types, we clean and seal Victorian geometric and Minton type floors, we deep clean grout lines, we renovate old and worn stone floors, we clean and seal new stone floor and tiled floors, whatever the floor you have, we have the professional solution.

Professional cleaning for over 25 years, cleaning services for Homes and Business in Nottingham, Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, South Yorkshire

These photographs are of some of the work we have carried out, more photographs are on our facebook page

Tumbled Marble floor cleaning in Warwickshire

Above is a typical tumbled marble floor in a very heavily trafficked area in a Warwickshire hotel, both the tile and grout had heavy build up of soiling, the floor was cleaned using only water and our diamond cleaning system.

We clean all floor and stone types from natural stones like Travertine, Slate, Marble and Limestone to man made tiles like Victorian geometric floor tiles, where possible we use safer greener cleaning products and cleaning systems. the stone floors in the pictures above and below where cleaned using water-based cleaning systems, no odours and no volatile chemicals are used making it safe for the home environment. We also use traditional cleaning systems and products for some floor types.

Below: Quarry tile floor cleaning and sealing, the cleaning process was carried out using an alkaline cleaning agent to remove previous seal/polish from the quarry tiles, we returned the following day when the tiles where dry and applied a seal which enhances the colours in the quarry tile and gives long lasting protection.
quarry tile cleaning
Terrazzo floor cleaning and polishing in Doncaster South Yorkshire
The overall floor had lost its lustre and the tiles along the windows edge have recently been sourced from a reclamation yard and fitted where a wall had previously been, the tiles at the edge have been stored outside for some years and have serious acid etching (grey areas), we cleaned and polished using diamond resin pads.
Terrazzo floor cleaning nottingham Derby Leicester Lincoln Yorkshire

Below: Terrazzo floor cleaning and polishing in Leicestershire

Below: Terrazzo floor cleaning and restoration in Nottingham, here we deep cleaned then used diamond abrasives to grind the surface, we then filled the cracks and holes with resin and re ground to a polished finish and applied a seal.

Terrazzo floor cleaning and polishing in Derby

Below: Carl is carrying out the last stage of dry polishing a limestone floor we cleaned polished and sealed in Lincolnshire

Below: Marble floor polishing using only water and diamond tools, eco friendly renovation.
floor on the bottom left was dull and deeply scratched, we removed the surface of the stone then polished to a gloss finish using diamond tools and polishing powders.
Below right: Nottingham hotel floor, here you can see part of the floor that as been polished, we had to do the floor in sections so the hotel foyer remained in use.
marble floor polishing and grinding services
Below: West Bridgford floor restoration, pictures are poor quality but you can still see the transformation of this marble floor, diamond abrasives and polishing compounds where used to achieve the desired finish.
Marble floor polishing Nottingham Warwickshire Lincolnshire Leicestershire Staffordshire
Below: Limestone floor cleaning/polishing in Leicestershire, we didn't take any before pictures which is a shame because this floor was in pretty poor lifeless condition, we cleaned and polished using Twister diamond pads and sealed using Aquamix seals.

Below: Slate floor cleaning and sealing in Bakewell Derbyshire,

Below: Slate floor cleaning in Warwickshire, deep cleaned with honing powders then sealed with a premium quality seal to enhance the stones natural colours.
Slate floor cleaning in Warwickshire
Below: Quarry tile cleaning and sealing in Derbyshire
the floor had been covered by carpet for sometime, the floor had severe efflorescence and cement covering, we treated the efflorescence cleaned the tiles and sealed with our colour enhancing seal.
Quarry tile floor cleaning Nottingham Derbyshire Leicestershire Warwickshire Lincolnshire South York
Below: Victorian floor cleaning in The Park Nottingham, the floor was in quite poor condition, some of the tiles are badly pitted and eroded, some tiles loose and lifting, the client wanted to keep all the original tiles, but wanted them as clean as possible and wanted the tiles stable, we deep cleaned the tiles including removing a thick layer of floor paint to some areas, following cleaning we re fixed the loose tiles and grouted where needed, we then applied a colour enhancing seal to the tiles.
The Park Nottingham Victorian floor cleaning
Below: Victorian Geometric floor cleaning in West Bridgford, This floor was covered by carpet when the client discovered it, the floor had a thick border of black paint and paint splashes covering it, our specialist cleaning solutions removed the paint from the tiles and then we deep cleaned the tiles, we left the tiles to dry and applied a seal a couple of days later.  
Victorian geometric floor cleaning
Minton, Encaustic and Victorian Geometric floor cleaning services
Below: this floor clean and seal was in York City Centre, the floor was in overall good condition just in need of a good deep clean and sealing with our colour enhancing seal to highlight the tiles colours
Minton victorian floor cleaning
Below: Victorian geometric floor we deep cleaned and applied a colour enhancing seal
Victorian and minton floor cleanng
victorian floor with a herring bone and bordered design in Nottingham
Above: West Bridgford floor restoration, The floor above was covered in several contaminants, there was red cardinal wax, paint, dirt and grease to remove, the middle picture shows a partly stripped floor, we stripped the floor of the contaminants deep cleaned and sealed the following day.
Below: quarry tile floor cleaning in Southwell Nottinghamshire, several containments to remove including efflorescence paint and cement residue, we also had to fix some of the tiles which are loose, the picture to the right is the finished floor, sealed with a long lasting seal, the floors not perfect but looks pretty good for a floor thats well over 100 years old.
Quarry floor cleaning
Below: Quarry tile floor restoration in Derbyshire

Travertine cleaning and restoration services
Below: we have a Travertine floor in Lincolnshire that was in need of cleaning, filling of the large holes and polishing, we also applied a natural look 
penetrating seal. 

Travertine floor cleaning in Nottingham Leicestershire Lincolnshire

Below: here we can see the grout lines on this Travertine floor have been partially cleaned, the client thought the grout may have to be replaced but as we can see the grout is cleaning fine, we clean grout lines prior the the man clean and polish on most floors, it is very rare that the grout needs replacing our cleaning system deep cleans and removes the most stubborn soiling.

Below: Another Travertine floor cleaned in Lincolnshire, cleaned, filled the large holes, honed, polished and sealed

Below: Tumbled travertine floor cleaning and sealing, we deep cleaned this floor first scrubbing in alkaline cleaning agents with our rotary machine and medium brushes, we rinse to neutralize then clean again with our diamond cleaning system.

We specialise in cleaning of Tumbled, honed and polished Travertine floors

Tumbled travertine floor cleaning

Below: marble floor restoration and marble floor polishing, this floor had several problems, bathroom fitters had caused severe scratching, left cement and adhesive on the floor, also there was a tile that had come loose and holes where the old radiator pipes had come through the floor as well as acid etching caused by the client, we fixed in a matching tile, filled in the holes with marble pieces set into resin, removed the scratches, acid etching and residues, then polished and seal the floor, this photograph was not very good quality and does not show the finished result at its best, taken from a camera phone in low light.

Below: Slate floor deep cleaning and sealing in Derbyshire

slate floor cleaning Nottingham Derbyshire Leicestershire South yorkshire

Below: pressed faux flagstones we cleaned and sealed in

Abbots Bromley Staffordshire

flagstone floor cleaning

Below: flagstone cleaning for a cafe in Derbyshire, the owner had just bought the property and wanted the floors deep cleaned, the picture on the right is not the finished floor but we have removed most of the soiling at this stage

flagstone floor cleaning

Below: We don't usually get asked to do test areas but this client wasn't sure if the floor could be improved as it had already been cleaned by someone else, as you can see on the left a vast improvement can be made, we returned at a later date to fully clean and seal the floor. 

Below: Sandstone floor we cleaned and sealed in Staffordshire

indian sandstone

Below: here is a floor we cleaned in Warwickshire, this floor was cleaned using alkaline cleaning agents and honing powders

Warwickshire floor cleaning

We clean seal and polish, from Victorian floors to marble floors, small to large we do it all, using the very best professional equipment and products

Below: Polishing Marble limestone and travertine using quality diamond abrasives, this is an eco friendly polishing system as only water or natural soap is needed as a lubricant for the abrasives, the diamonds remove the surface of the stone to reveal new stone underneath, finer and finer grades of diamonds are then used to obtain the desired finish

Below: Flagstone floor cleaning and sealing near Sheffield, this floor was found underneath a carpet by the client, at some point it had been painted with a thick brown varnish, we stripped of the varnish cleaned the stone and returned on another day to apply a seal to the flooring.

flagstone cleaning ans restoration

Stone and tiled floor sealing services

Following our intensive professional cleaning of your stone floors it is advisable to have

them sealed, as part of the process we will usually finish by sealing the flooring, sealing it

will give protection from most spills and help make maintaining the floor easier

, it is always recommended that floors which are heavily used or are prone to spillage and soiling such as food preparation areas are protected with our premium sealing products, these premium sealing products will last years under normal conditions depending on seal type, floor type and wear, our premium seals will give optimum pr

otection on all stone types. Unsealed high porosity stone floors such as slate, sandstone, terracotta and Victorian floor tiles can very quickly stained and heavily soiled if not sealed making cleaning and maintenance difficult!

Why Seal?

Application of a good quality seal will provide on-going stain resistance and prolong the life of the surface of the stone and make home maintenance easier. sealing does not mean the end to floor cleaning and maintenance but will give added protection. We only use Aquamix sealing products the best professional sealing products available.

Topical seals lie over the top of the stone and protect by putting a barrier between contaminants and the surface of the stone floor, topical seals will alter the natural appearance of stone

Penetrating or impregnating seals absorb into the stone and lie just below the surface, this stop stains and soiling absorbing into the stone, penetrating seals will not protect against acid etching (staining or white marks from acid based spills such as fruit juice and vinegar) or scratching on calium based stone such as marble travertine and limestone.

Seal types

Penetrating seals

These are designed to absorb into the stone and grout and not alter the appearance giving a natural look, penetrating seals stop the stone from absorbing in dirt and stains but allow the stone to breath.

All natural stone (such as granite, limestone, marble, slate, and travertine) porcelain, quarry, Saltillo, terracotta, cement pavers, masonry surfaces, and other porous tile and grout where a natural look is desired.

Enhancing seals

These give optimum protection and enhance the stone floors appearance, a penetrating sealer formulated to darken, enrich, and highlight the character and beauty of unsealed natural stone. It rejuvenates the colour and improves the appearance of worn and weathered stone. It also effectively seals and darkens the colour of grout joints. Also a very good sealer on Victorian geometric tiles, Minton floors and Quarry tiles, will enrich and bring out the colours as well as giving long lasting protection from soiling.


Topical seals

These are a specially formulated water-based blend of acrylic polymers that provides both a stain resistant surface seal and a durable finish, can give a satin, low sheen or high gloss finish to the stone,

cleaning polishing sealing stone floors

The larger picture above was a polished limestone floor in Lincolnshire that had lost its look, we where asked to renew the polished appearance that had worn off, the finish was achieved using our diamond floor cleaning system, our diamond cleaning systems are chemical free, diamond polishing using only water and specialist diamond cleaning pads or segments. Cleaning and polishing systems for Limestone, Marble, Travertine and terrazzo stone floors.
We can renovate worn and scratched floors using our hybrid or full diamond polishing systems, our floor polishing systems rejuvenate marble limestone and terrazzo flooring removing Stains and scratches without the use of harsh chemicals.

For highly polished surfaces or heavily worn and damaged floors grinding or diamond segment polishing may be required, this is a more intensive method which will remove the top of the stones surface to reveal a new surface.

more examples of our professional cleaning services on our video click here

Below: A Terracotta floor we cleaned and sealed/finished in Grantham over a 2 day period.
due to the high porosity of this type of tile we mostly have to seal on a second day when the floor is dry, we applied 3 coats of Aquamix low sheen seal and finish which intensified the tiles colours and adds a natural looking finish to the tile, the floor is ready for full traffic in 6 hours and fully protected in 24 hours.

Below: we deep cleaned these 1730's floor tiles at Walton Hall Warwickshire, the floor tiles required a deep clean and restoration of the motifs, following deep cleaning we had to hand paint the motifs that had worn off and re paint areas that had been done poorly by a previous company. the main hall was done over a 5 day period by 3 people.
Floor cleaning and restoration

Cleaning floors at York Central Library 

Floor tiles discovered under old carpet tiles during renovations,
we used a combination of cleaning systems to deep clean and remove years of dirt and debris on these floor tiles followed by polishing with twister diamond pads and an application of a protective seal.
 Professional stone floor cleaning

Below: Brushed Limestone floor cleaning in Southwell Nottinghamshire

Our stone and tile floor cleaning and polishing services are available in Nottingham Nottinghamshire Derbyshire Leicestershire Lincolnshire South Yorkshire Warwickshire Staffordshire and Most Midlands areas.
We also cover other areas please ring for details
01159 718323, 01332 565376 or 01773 749003

We clean, we polish, we protect:
travertine floors, marble floors, limestone floors, slate floors, yorkstone floors, minton and victorian geometric floors, terracotta floors, ceramic floors, sandstone floors and more..
we use the best professional cleaning and sealing products made for professional use to get professional results..
We use safer more environmentally sound products.

Stone and tile guide

A sedimentary rock composed of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate) or dolomite. The primary source of calcite is usually marine organisms. Regularly used to make concrete and is an excellent building stone for use in humid regions.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are formed under extremely high pressure and fired at very high temperatures. This make these tiles much denser and stronger than the common glazed ceramic tiles so they are ideal for entryways, corridors and other high traffic areas. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications.  


A metamorphic stone that is characterized by a sheet-like structure with parallel cleavage, which permits it to be split readily into thin, smooth sheets. It is composed of clay, quartz, and mica and comes in a multitude of colors.


A form of limestone distinguished by layered structures of pores and cavities producing an open texture. It is formed from calcium carbonate that is deposited from the water of mineral springs (especially hot springs) or streams holding lime in solution.


A colorful flooring material made of marble or stone chips embedded in a cement or epoxy binder. After the floor has hardened it is ground and polished to a smooth and durable finish. Traditionally, terrazzo floors are poured and set on site, but manufactured terrazzo tiles are also available.


A sedimentary stone primarily composed of grains of quartz sands cemented with silica, iron oxide, or calcium carbonate. These cementing materials make one sandstone behave very differently from another. Sandstones containing silica are quite hard, strong, and decay resistant, whereas those containing calcite resemble

Quarry Tile terracotta

Tile made from shale, clay, or earth, resulting in an unglazed tile with color throughout. Usually in squares and often terra-cotta in color. Quarry tiles are used for both floors and walls and are normally used indoors.

limestone in their susceptibility to acid damage, and those containing clay absorb water and deteriorate more easily.

Ceramic Tile
Tiles that are made by shaping a nonmetallic mineral, such as clay, and then fired at a high temperature, which gives the tile its hardness. The most common type is glazed ceramic tiles made by applying liquid glass to the body of the tile and firing at high temperatures. The glazing becomes hard and non-porous leaving a surface that is scratch resistant, fire resistant, and easy to clean.  

We clean travertine, terrazzo, terracotta, sandstone, slate, yorkstone, ceramic, flagstone, porcelain, limestone, marble, quarry tiles, victorian and minton floor tiles, Amtico Karndean and more.Stone and hard floor cleaning services are available in Derby and Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire.

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for our other services,

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We clean travertine floors  we clean limestone floors we clean slate floors we clean marble floors stone floor cleaning and restoration in Nottingham Derbyshire Lincolnshire Leicestershire Yorkshire Warwickshire the stone floor cleaning company
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Latest Testimonials

Just a note to thank you for a
wonderful job on our slate kitchen floor (15+ years of grime removed and looks like new!) I can't quite believe what a difference you have made.
Thank you...
Julian Coles

Hello there
Satisfied is an understatement, after having to wait so long to have my floor done I am so happy and delighted with the work Steve has done and was well worth the wait. What a transformation, my son wants his floor done too but have told him he has to wait a while too. I only wish I had more floors to be cleaned!!

Many thanks
Barbara (Reynolds)

Steve did an excellent job and we particularly like the new darker 'wet look' sealer that was used this time, please give my thanks to Steve and his colleague for a job well done

David B

As we are builders, to put it in construction words. Reception floor looks bloody good.
Thanks Paul
William Davis Ltd

Hi, Just to say thanks for the work you've done on our tiles, they're looking great.
Alan Coombs

Hi Caroline, a very big thank you to your team for doing such an excellent job of our kitchen and utility floor. Its fantastic, canít believe the difference and Iím not allowing the husband and the dogs anywhere near it !!!
Thank you,
Kind regards,

Dear Caroline
The restoring of my floor is completed. It looks fantastic, I am really happy.
Many thanks
Christine Vié

Great thanks Caroline we will gladly recommend you and Steve  and use you again.
Michael Blatherwick

Hello Caroline
So sorry not to have replied before. We have had a crazy month and little time to catch up. Just wanted to say that we were delighted with your efforts with our floor and will certainly use your services again in the future.  An efficient, smooth and very satisfactory job. The floor looks like new.
Jan Le Tocq

Dear Caroline
Many thanks for your email and for fantastic service today. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome and really appreciate all the effort that Steve and his colleague went into to create the end result! Really tempted now to do the kitchen as well, so Steve was going to kindly talk to you about putting a quote together for that.
Thank you again
Best wishes

Hi Caroline
We are delighted with the result of the floors. Itís as if we have had new floors laid!
Many thanks

Just a brief note to thank you for an excellent job. Looks like a new floor!
I would recommend your company without hesitation.
Many thanks.
Steve McCracken

Dear Caroline,
I am very pleased with the job done on my stone floor. It looks so much better. Thanks so much to Steve and son for all their hard work.
Again, thanks for a lovely job.
Cynthia Fleming

Hi Caroline,
The cleaning of our travertine floor that you did today was fantastic! From the minute the lads arrived they never stopped working.I am very pleased with the results they achieved. They were very professional and nothing was to much trouble. I would have no hesitation in  recommending your company to anyone. I'll definitely be using your company in the future.
Many Thanks
Mr Davies

You exceeded our expectations, the floor is fantastic. The men were excellent workers and a pleasure to have in the house. We will certainly recommend you. We value your good communications and punctuality. Thank you and Happy New Year.
John and Pat Simpson

Hi Stephen
We're really pleased with the work you've done on the floor - thank-you both! I've
got your details for future work!
Thanks again
Kind Regards

Thrilled with the floor cleaning job (Indian sandstone)
Patricia Capone

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did last week. Resealing & polishing it really did the trick. The floor looks great now.Thanks again and i will definitely recommend you to other people.
Carol Clarke

Hi steve, sorry did not get chance to meet but god thanks what a cracking job, will prob get you in once a year to polish,
Regards Garry
Garry Johnson ( Grantham, )
Travertine floor renovation

Dear Steve,
I am sorry for the month delay in getting round to writing this mail, but things just seem to be constantly busy.We are absolutely delighted with all the floors; I am still taken by surprised when I walk into the rooms how wonderful it looks, the downstairs is completely transformed particularly the kitchen. We would be very happy to recommend your work or for you to enter any of our comments on your web-site Ė particularly when you remember how anxious we were after previous bad experience. During your assessment visit and the two days of hard work to clean, polish and seal the floors, we found you to be knowledgeable about options, honest setting expectation and very professional. The end result is excellent and we are pleased we choose the better seal to try to keep it that way for as long as possible. I am still trying my utmost to keep it in good condition,
Hope all is well with you.
Many thanks
Carol Hodgson (Leicestershire)

deep cleaning
sealing and polishing

Cleaning stone floors in

Stone floor pollishing
 Marble polishing

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Dear Caroline & Stephen,

I would like to personally extend my sincerest thanks for a superb and fantastic Kitchen Stone Floor Deep Cleaning Service that you recently carried out at our property. The level of Stephenís workmanship is outstanding! Harvey & I are absolutely delighted....
I have to say that we found your services to be extremely professional, friendly, personable, approachable and helpful. You have both personally gone above and beyond to help and assist us with a very high quality job, to which we are extremely grateful.
I am so glad that I found you, as you have provided us with exactly what we wanted, invaluable assistance, coupled with keen willingness to help and positive enthusiasm, which has been second to none.
Both your patience, communications and service has been pain free and a breath of fresh air to deal with!
Stephenís works are exemplary and a real credit to your profession and business and we would have no hesitation in personally recommending you to other people in the future.

Thank you again.

Yours sincerely
Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Mills


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